About Us

www.StrawBale.com is owned and managed by Straw Bale Innovations, LLC, a company dedicated to providing you with the very latest information and techniques on straw bale construction.

Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison Andrew has a passion for straw bale construction that is matched only by his desire to teach his knowledge to others. He has a wealth of experience in designing and building conventional, tiny, and straw bale homes. After years of building, he has moved his practice entirely to consulting and teaching. He shares his knowledge with thousands of people via his DVD series, this website and the roughly six hands-on workshops he teaches each year.

Gabriella Morrison

Gabriella Morrison Gabriella brings her video editing and filming skills to this team as well as a life-long interest in sustainable construction and straw bale technology. She earned a B.A. from Hampshire College in Wildlife Conservation and after a long 8 year or so detour to devote her energies to her two wonderful children, she is glad to be involved in a project that prioritizes the outreach of a technology and technique that is quietly revolutionizing the way that humanity approaches development….straw bale construction. She is the cinematographer for the Straw Bale Innovation’s series of How-To Instructional Straw Bale DVDs as well as being marketing director for Straw Bale Innovations, LLC.