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Baling With Jumbo Bales

Baling with jumbo bales, by which I mean the REALLY large bales that require pretty substantial machinery to place, is possible. However, there are multiple considerations that need to be addressed to determine if the extra cost in foundation materials, plaster and roofing materials make it worthwhile. In this Straw Bale Minute, I address each […]

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Make Your Own Hand Baler

This article is reprinted with kind permission from the Oak Hill Homestead blog. They cut and bale their hay by hand. One could modify the size and application of the baler to bale straw by hand. This solution could work very well in areas where mechanical balers are not available. We don’t own a tractor, […]

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Can I Stuff the Wall With This?

That’s a question that I have been asked potentially thousands of times over the years teaching workshops. I like that people ask the question, actually, because it shows me that they are paying attention to the details and wanting to make the house the best it can be. The answer is usually “yes” but has […]

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Plastic Encased Straw Bales

Several of you have, over the years, written to me about using straw bales that are wrapped in plastic. The suggested benefits of this have ranged from no need for additional vapor barrier, to ease of stacking, to being able to mortar the blocks together. Although this would seem like a good idea at initial […]

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Buying the Right Straw

There are a lot of things to consider when buying the best straw bales for your construction project. Here’s a bullet point list of the absolute “must haves.” 1. Long straw. Be sure to ask your source is the bales are long straw or chopped/thrashed straw. A bale harvested by a combine will be thrashed […]

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