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Pure Inspiration

This video is worth watching, especially if you think, anywhere inside of you, that you “can’t do it.”

What Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams?

It doesn’t matter what the dream is: building a straw bale house, a tiny house, a small house, changing your job, changing a relationship, or anything else. The answer is always the same. You are.

It’s so simple and yet so often can seem difficult to change or overcome. The truth is that you are always able to create the vision you dream of. Always.

I would love to hear about your personal experience with this. Perhaps you have a story to share that exemplifies this point. Or maybe you don’t agree with what I’m saying, don’t understand what I mean by it, or otherwise want to share your feelings about it. Please join the conversation in the comment section below no matter how the statement has landed on you.

November Free Workshop Drawing Winner

Erin is our most recent winner in our Free Workshop drawing. Congrats…we are really looking forward to meeting you in person! World, meet Erin, a cowgirl poet… (by the way, this beautiful photo was taken by her partner Matt Main

I am a farm girl by default, born and raised on a homestead in Nebraska, but given to the beauty of the mountains.  College took me west in search of bright lights and big city, but the wilderness and grandeur of the places I’ve lived keep me here in the Rocky Mountains.  Travel, horses, and the trail ahead kept me moving in the last years. Seasonal work – car packed and on the road almost every 6 months to experience new communities, jobs, relationships, and self exploration has been both an asset to my development and a challenge.  For work I’ve done almost anything you can name, but consistently have worked as a wrangler, guide, and outdoor educator.  My path points to education and continued wilderness study.  I’m certain that horses will be a part of the mix as well.

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Where Will I Meet You?

We are excited to announce our 2013 workshop schedule this coming Friday, November 23rd at 9am Eastern Time (our Pre-Launch Sale kicks off Thursday, November 22nd at 9pm Eastern Time. If you’d like to sign up for that, please click here.). We have some great locations and projects set up this year, and I trust you will find the perfect option. So the question then becomes: when and where will I get to meet you? You may think that depends on where you live; however, I have seen people travel from great distances to workshops for many different reasons. Some come for the location, and others for the project. What will make you travel? Let’s see what the workshops have to entice you…

I’m not going to give away locations or dates yet, so you can just have some fun with the general feel of each workshop. I guess this is an exercise in intuition. Feel into the short descriptions below and see what resonates. This may not be the class you end up attending, but then again,it just might be. So, in no particular order, here are some details to get you moving.

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Want a Free Copy of My New Book?

My brand new book, “A Modern Look at Straw Bale Construction” is complete! We sent it off to the printing company this morning and printing is underway! If you want a chance to get a free copy, be sure to read this whole post (or skip to the end if you prefer!). The book rings in at 214 pages, contains 113 photographs to outline various points and steps, and has 22 professionally drawn architectural details created by Chris Keefe of Organicforms Design. I’ve written this book so that you can get a precise look at the details I recommend for building a high quality, long lasting straw bale home. These are the construction techniques I have used and fine-tuned over the years building, teaching, and consulting on hundreds of straw bale projects from Australia to Europe and Canada to the United States. The book discusses, in detail, many aspects of working with straw, including the following:

  • Advantages and debunking myths
  • Working with lenders and building departments so that they become your allies
  • Building your foundation (raised floor, rubble trench, concrete slab)
  • Finishing your floor (earthen floor, acid staining, radiant heat floor systems)
  • Engineering options (lateral, knee & X bracing, moment & brace frames)
  • Working with subcontractors (electrical, foundation, radiant heat, plumbing and cabinetry)
  • Framing (post & beam, timber frame, toe ups, openings, box beams, multiple stories, hose bibs, wall heights, humid climate considerations)
  • Solutions and strategies for challenging/extreme climates
  • Baling techniques including notching, re-tying, efficiency, and stacking bales
  • Truth windows and niches
  • Proper wall preparation for plaster
  • Window and door flashing to keep your home investment safe
  • Meshing and simple but super comfy window seats

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Living SMALL In A big World

Grab your favorite mug, fill it with delicious tea or coffee and enjoy this video interview we just created on the topic of “Living SMALL In A big World”. In it, a lot is covered from how we converted our closet into a master bedroom, to living in a 125 sqft pop up tent trailer in Baja with our 12 year old daughter, to designing your home to reflect your personal connection and love with nature, to the role of straw bale construction in the tiny house movement, and how to create your own off-grid forever home with your own two hands.

Living SMALL In A big World from Gabriella Morrison on Vimeo.

“A Modern Look at Straw Bale Construction”, our new book, is set to launch on November 23, 2012. If you’d like a free chapter from his book, please click here. You’ll also have the chance to enter your name to be one of the 25 people that receives the book for free.

Tips to Making Your Plaster Beautiful and Durable

Plastering is perhaps the hardest part of the entire process when building a straw bale house. Think about it, your framing, although difficult, is hidden within the walls nine times out of ten. As long as it is structurally sound, you will be fine. Furthermore, it is inspected (in many cases) so you end up with a “free” set of helpful eyes to make sure you are doing the work properly. The same is true for the other major systems of the house: plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and so on. As long as the systems are built properly and they meet or exceed codes, you are all set. What those systems actually look like is mostly irrelevant.

The same cannot be said about plaster. That’s a system that not only has to be structurally sound and function in a way that protects the bales, and ultimately your entire house, but it also has to look good. After all, when have you ever heard someone say “Wow, you really did a great job with the rough plumbing in this house. It sure is beautiful.”? Probably never. How about someone commenting on plaster? Now that’s one that you have likely heard or even uttered yourself. “Man, that plaster looks amazing!”

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Old Friends and New Friends

Last weekend in Denver, Colorado I held my first ever 2-day Straw Bale Design Seminar. The evening before the workshop began, I joined my friend Jim at the hotel bar for a beer. I met Jim last year at the Brownsville, Oregon straw bale workshop. While he and I caught up with each other another workshop graduate named Julie from the class in Crestone, Colorado, walked up and gave me a hug. She was too tired to hang out, but seeing her smiling face was enough to bring a smile to my own. Shortly after that, Susan (from the Missouri and North Dakota workshops) walked up and joined me and Jim at the bar. I realized in that moment just how much I truly love what I do. My job is one that allows me to meet amazing people from all over the world and to continually grow my circle of friends.

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Make Your Own Hand Baler

This article is reprinted with kind permission from the Oak Hill Homestead blog. They cut and bale their hay by hand. One could modify the size and application of the baler to bale straw by hand. This solution could work very well in areas where mechanical balers are not available.

We don’t own a tractor, so we cut and bale our hay by hand. Last year, we stored it loose in several sheds and anywhere we could find a few square feet of dry storage space. This year, we have a hand baler. A friend in Texas sent us a link and Hubby set to work on it. The baler in the plans is for use in making a bale of pine straw, but it works just fine baling our mixed-grass hay. click to read more Read the rest or post a comment »

ModCell and LILAC Straw Bale Cohousing Project

Hi everyone! This is Gabriella writing. While Andrew is teaching our last 7 day workshop for this year in NY (which sounds like it’s going awesome), I wanted to let you all know about a truly amazing cohousing project that our friends at ModCell are working on in Bramley, England.

One of the common challenges in any cohousing project is how to build environmentally sustainable housing that is affordable. So, the folks at LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordably Community) have teamed up with ModCell (awesome company that creates straw bale pre-fab panels that has found huge approval and success in the UK) and created a new model for environmentally conscious cohousing.  This is the UK’s first affordable green cohousing project.

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