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Living Simply: Some Initial Steps to Discovering What Really Matters

This is a rather personal blog entry and I hope that you can “hear” it without your filters on. You may agree or disagree with me and that’s fine. I am not trying to convince you of anything nor am I trying to change your mind about anything you currently hold as true. What I do hope is that you will ask yourselves some questions and that you will look deeply in what is true FOR YOU.

Organize Your Screws

If you are like me, you want to keep a large assortment of screws around the house for all kinds of uses. Keeping them organized can become more of a challenge than not having screws though if you don’t have a solid plan and place to store them all. I tried the expensive “screw bags” […]

Run Your Rafter (Or Trusses) Tails Wild

When framing your roof, don’t waste time lining up your rafter tails. Let them run wild and cut them all at once when the frame is complete.  Decide where you want the ends of the rafters to be and then snap a chalk line from one end of the house to the other. Use a […]

Don’t Eat the Ceiling When You Drill It

Have you ever needed to drill a hole in the ceiling and found yourself tasting plaster for two days? You’re not alone. Here’s a simple trick I learned years ago. Take a disposable pie tin and drill a small hole in it, just big enough to allow the drill bit to stick through and rotate […]

The Importance of a Good Hat

Everyone has heard the phrase “Good Hat and Good Boots” in relation to building a house. Well, maybe not everyone, but I bet a lot of you have. It means pay attention to your roof and your foundation. These two areas are very important; however, because they are relatively boring in the grand scheme of […]

Help PAKSBAB Make a Difference in the World

Here’s a note I recently got from Surkhab abd Darcey at PAKSBAB, the Pakistan Straw Bale Appropriate Building organization I’ve mentioned in the past. Please take a minute to help them out. PAKSBAB is competing in the GISTech-I competition for innovative solutions to economic development problems. Please click on this link to watch our video […]

The Importance of Stopping

How often do you stop doing stuff? I mean really stop doing stuff. This would look like disconnecting from your TV, your email, your computer, movies, and everything that’s not directly related to you or something you can touch. I’m in the middle of doing that for the first time in a long time. Here’s […]