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My name is Andrew Morrison and welcome to my straw bale building site dedicated to anyone interested in building their own straw bale house. If you are brand new to straw bale or are a straw bale construction specialist there's something for you at

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My Latest Blog Entries Are Below

Speak for the Trees

For those of you who support the important work of protecting the Earth, this is a subject close to home for me. The bakery that is mentioned in the video is a friend of ours. The people in this video are the people of our community here in Southern Oregon. The acres that are being clear cut are here, in OUR community. I hope you will be inspired by the humanity of this video and do what you can to help maintain balance on the acres in question.

Thanks for your support.

Baling Angular Walls

Finished ExteriorNot everyone wants square walls in their house. Some people like round walls, others prefer angular walls. In this post, I give you a simple way to create angular walls in your straw bale home. As always, there are several ways to achieve any one goal, and I’m sharing my favorite way to create the angular walls, not the only way.

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Call For 2015 Workshop Hosts

Workshop in WVNow that our 2014 workshop schedule is up and running, it’s time to start looking ahead for hosts for the 2015 workshop season. If you are interested in hosting in 2015 and haven’t sent in an application yet, this is a great time to get yours in.

To find out more about the hosting process, please click here. If you are ready to make a formal application, please fill out the questions on the bottom of the hosting page on that link and email them to

We look forward to hearing about your project!

International Straw Bale Registry

strawbaleregistryDid you know that there is an International Straw Bale Registry? Just a quick note to remind those of you who have built a straw bale house to register that home with the Straw Bale Registry. This is a great resource for people who are considering building and are looking for local contacts in their area to connect with. Please consider sharing your experience with the next person to help simplify the process and grow the exposure of straw bale construction around the world.

This is a great resource for those of you looking to build as well so be sure to reach out to those already registered on the list in your area. Click here to check it out today.

Best Plumbing Practices In Straw Bale Houses

Water is enemy number 1 in straw bale construction. The good news is that with proper design and construction details, your straw bale house will stay dry and moisture issue free. The key to installing plumbing in a bale house is to create ‘water isolation walls’. I describe how to do this in the latest Straw Bale Minute. You can access it by clicking on the video link below:

The Last Straw is Coming Back to Life!

The Last Straw

Many of you will remember the publication The Last Straw and may have spent many hours reading through the informative articles over the years. Some of you may have never heard of it because it has been “on sabbatical” for some time. The good news is that it is coming back. Please take a few minutes to read the information below from the new editor, Jeff Rupert.

Update on Issue #62 and Our Funding Campaign

Here at TLS we are working feverishly to get Issue #62 out.  If you are a subscriber, expect to receive it around the beginning of February. Many of the articles are already up on our website and are accessible to current subscribers.

To re-start The Last Straw we knew it would require more resources than we would collect through  subscriptions alone.  That is why we have always planned to ask for donations. This is your chance to support us and ensure we will continue delivering your favorite natural building journal.

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Help Our Friends In Romania Get Straw Bale Construction Off The Ground

Here in the US (and in many other countries), straw bale construction is pretty widely accepted. There are supporting building codes, resources and products sold in English. But this is not the reality in many countries around the world and it is up to highly motivated, passionate folks like our friends Maria and Grzegorz to pound the pavement and get the word out there.

Grzegorz and Maria have done an awesome job of getting the word out in Romania and now are asking for support in the form of an IndieGoGo campaign. They are raising money to be able to go to one of the largest building expos in Romania where they can get information about straw bale construction in front of a huge amount of people. We hope you will support them reach their goal and take a step towards making Romania one of the hot spots for straw bale construction.

To visit their campaign, please click HERE


January FREE Workshop Winner!

Oh I love the time of month when we notify the winner of our FREE straw bale workshop drawing! I always feel a little like one of Santa’s helpers and get a warm fuzzy feeling when I read how happy and appreciative the winners are.  This month’s winner is Ryan….congratulations Ryan! We are super excited you’ll be joining us at the Vernonia, OR workshop! World, meet Ryan: 

Workshop Winner

I am 35 years young. I am a novice herbalist. I practice yoga. I spend time in nature amongst the trees, plants, mushrooms, and creatures. I adore making herbal medicines for my friends and family – stirring, pouring, chopping, shaking, garbling, and giving thanks.

My husband Michael and I spent eight months in 2013 traveling through Ecuador, Peru and across the United States. Our journey was wild; ambitious; memorable; daunting at times, and unbelievablyrewarding at others. Our adventures were filled with long bus rides and even larger backpacks. We slept in tents; hostels; and huts, hiked through forests; mountains; and jungles, met and traveled with amazing people, learnt, unravelled, were vulnerable.


Why straw bale? I have spent time in two of the most amazing straw bale spaces. The natural energy of the space resonates with me. The affordability of constructing a straw bale home resonates with me. I tend to be quite non-committable. The idea of buying land or a house frightens me because it means I will have to stay put. But, straw bale is always whispering in my ear. Maybe I am finally ready to commit. I can’t wait to learn. Green blessings and much peace, Ryan O’Connor Wolik. Please visit my man Michael’s website:

Debunking the Rodent Myth

I know, I know…For most of you this is old information, BUT if there are any folks out there that still have a worry in their minds (and it’s OK if you do!) about straw bale houses and rodent invasions, this latest “Straw Bale Minute” is a must watch. Trust me, rodents would much prefer to set up residence in your neighbor’s conventionally built house with lovely pink insulation than live in straw bale walls. You can hear why in this “Minute” below:



Andrew to be interviewed on the “Tiny House Chat”

Do you love straw bale construction? Do you love tiny houses? Do you like what I have to share (you know…for the most part??) Then listen in while I am interviewed by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life and Macy Miller of MiniMotives! We have really enjoyed getting to know those two and love what they are doing to help recalibrate the world’s view on housing size. We would love to have your company!

The show will air at 8pm Eastern Time Monday, January 20th, 2014. To join us go to:


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