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Creating an Earth Plaster Recipe From Your Soil

Earth plasters are hard to work with. That’s not something that most people expect to hear when talking earth plaster. Most people expect that the natural plaster will be easy to work with and more fun because it is basically just glorified mud. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Earth plaster is an art form […]

My Consulting Services

Wondering if your construction plans are adequate to build from? Want to save thousands of dollars on your home construction? I can help you. I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and I can help you too. I offer all kinds of services from personal success coaching ( and basic project assistance to […]

The Many Uses of Vinegar

 Working with Natural Hydraulic Lime, you’ll want to have a big bottle of White Vinegar on hand. It has a lot of great uses, beyond making volcanoes with baking soda! I keep a gallon of white wine vinegar under my kitchen sink and in my tool trailer. The first use, and most immediate when working […]

Firmly Attach the Mesh to Protect Your Plaster

 When working with straw bale buildings, some people wonder whether mesh is necessary or not. I personally think it offers so many advantages that I don’t consider not using it anymore. So with that bias in front of me, I want to share a really important detail about mesh application.  Mesh must be attached firmly […]

Spray the Plaster

I can’t believe it, but I have been converted! I never thought I would stand on the side of spraying plaster as I have always believed that hand troweling is better; however, I was convinced of it this last week. After talking with Steven, a master lime plasterer from Scotland, I am fully convinced that […]

Press It Back

One of the cool things I learned this last week about lime plaster is the use of “pressing it back.” I had never heard this term, nor had I heard of the concept. It is quite simple and yet creates a very powerful effect on the strength and quality of the plaster. I had always […]

Japanese Trowels

I got an email the other day from a company that works with Japanese trowels. These trowels are amazing, especially for detail work. The shape and flexibility of the trowels makes them perfect for working with detailed plaster jobs. If you have areas with small, hard to reach spots, like inside wall niche for example, […]

Straw Bale Home Appraisals

Getting a straw bale home appraised is one of the harder aspects of construction. Why? Because there are not very many, if any, comparable sales of straw bale homes out there. So how do you jump this hurdle? There are a couple ways to do it. The first and most promising way is to make […]

ModCell Construction…Way Cool

This is one of the coolest and most beautiful straw bale construction concepts I have seen in a long time. Although not something for the owner builder per se, this technique makes the potential for commercial straw bale construction a reality and can even be used in residential applications if the site location and project […]