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Installing A Dryer Vent in An Existing Bale Wall

Sometimes even the best planning can result in a mistake. For example, I recently heard from someone who purchased a house and found that there is no dryer vent through the straw bale wall to the exterior of the home. Here’s a quick step by step guide to installing a vent after the fact. Be […]

Bales As Soundproofing

Many of you have written to me in recent months asking about using straw bale walls for soundproofing against noisy streets and neighborhoods. I have responded to a lot of you individually, but figure it’s better to give everyone this information as well. I have to start with a funny story. Last night, as I […]

Baling in Wet Weather

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are while you read this, but it’s pretty rainy here today! It’s always a concern for bale builders that the rains will come at just the wrong time. In fact, I’ve said it before that as soon as your bales arrive on site, you can […]

The Little Unknowns

I recently worked with a woman who was acting as her own contractor on her project. The building she was working on was a small studio on her own land, which she already owned outright. Nonetheless, she wanted help with her project. The bummer was, she brought me into the mix a little late. She […]

Tax Valuation Appraisals

I just received an email from a man whose home was recently appraised by the county tax office for the first time after final completion. The property tax assessment turned out to be really high and he asked if there was any history of successful contesting of such assessments in my history. I didn’t have […]

Subcontractors and Alternative Construction

Many subcontractors start out confused and cautious when first introduced to alternative construction, but once they get a handle on the process of building an alternative house, most end up happy they decided to join the new process. After all, consider how boring it must be to do the same thing over and over again, […]

Managing a Flaky Subcontractor

Here’s another excerpt from the Be Your Own Contractor Training course. Hope you like it. After all your hard work of looking for the right subcontractor you may suddenly find yourself in the awkward position of dealing with a subcontractor who simply is not dependable. This is certainly an uncomfortable position to be in, yet […]

How to Handle Jobsite Mistakes

The fact of the matter is that you will be working with other people when building your home and some of those people will make mistakes, and so will you. That’s okay, and should be expected. There are some basic steps you’ll need to take in order to get things back on track and running […]