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Some Great Questions Answered!

Here are some questions I got from a client yesterday. I think they are worth sharing. Q1. How much force is required to tie the bales tight. (my elbows are killing me) A: The knot that I use, the Miller’s Knot (although I have been told that the name might be incorrect) is so strong […]

Removing Braces and Installing Structural Mesh

Where welded wire mesh is used as the structural shear of a building, it is very important that temporary braces be used to secure the building before the mesh is applied. This is a common practice with conventional construction as well. 2×4 braces are used to support the walls and maintain a plumb line until […]

Slaking and Sand Ratios in Lime Plaster

I recently received the following questions regarding Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) plaster: =========================================== As always, we appreciate your response. We finally ordered the lime, it is arriving this morning. We are scheduled to start tomorrow. Just lining everything up today. Some final technical questions. In the formula you call for 4 different grains of sand. […]

Retrofitting with Straw Bales

I was recently asked about the viability of retrofitting an existing structure with straw bales. I get that question a lot and figured it was time to blog about it. Any structure can be wrapped with bales, it is simply a question of how much extra work will be required to make that structure function […]

How Much Do I Charge my Clients for Baling?

This is often he most difficult part of becoming a professional bale builder. There is no book of standards out there from which to pull a “man-hour” rate for baling. So, how do you bid a house without gouging your client or digging yourself a financial hole? Experience is the best resource for any estimating […]

Climates and Straw Bale Construction

Do you live in a Tropical Rain Forest? I am a big believer in the merits of straw bale construction. That’s probably obvious by now; however, there is one major drawback to working with bales: climate conditions. Bale homes are ideal for dry and mostly dry climates, acceptable in wet climates, and difficult to deal […]