I am interested to hear from you and what your experience has been building with bales. Write a comment on this blog so we can all hear about your success and / or failure. I am always curious as to what other people’s experience is. Many are excited to get started and then quickly tire of the work while others thrive and have fun for days on end. Let’s open a space to share our stories.

I’ll get things started. My first straw bale structure was a small guest cottage. I practiced the art of baling on the cottage for days and found that some of the techniques that passed as requirements were a total pain in the rear end! Over the years I have found that some of the pains in the rear have gone away and yet some still remain. That said, I do love building with bales. That is strangely funny because I am allergic to the straw! I get rashes on my arms and chest and I sneeze a whole bunch.

When I was a kid I was a really good competitive swimmer. This is equally funny because I am allergic to high exposure to chlorine in pools. Considering I spent about 4 hours a day in a pool, that was interesting. I guess some habits die hard. I moved from chlorine to straw and I still submerge myself in it!

Over the years I have built many straw bale projects and I have taught thousands of people to build with bales through my workshops, DVDs and consulting work. I never seem to get tired of watching a bale building go up. My favorite house was designed to represent a mix between a Mexican Hacienda and a Mediterranean home. The look and feel of the bales within the design was more beautiful than any other home I have built. I still visit the house from time to time and I just love the way I feel as soon as I walk in.

What’s your story?

About the Author

Andrew Morison is a specialist in straw bale and green construction. He has shown thousands of people how to build their own straw bale projects through his comprehensive series of instructional straw bale, concrete foundation, and plastering DVDs, as well as his hands on workshops. You can check these out at www.StrawBale.com/store.

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