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Update on Straw Bale Projects and a Wall Street Journal Article About Straw Bale Wall Fire Testing

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. Things have been very busy around here with building and preparing all the paperwork necessary to start and fund the next four houses we will be building. We start the foundations of 2 next week, have one ready for baling, and one is a major […]

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Ecoversity in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ecoversity in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a hands on learning center that focuses on all things sustainable from natural building to conscious sociology. This summer they are offering a series of free classes and workshops to introduce people to their campus and classes. Included in this is a class on straw bale construction. Alfred […]

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The Miller’s Knot

The Miller’s Knot is the knot my crews use to retie all the bales on my straw bale house projects. Here’s a short video I put together on this topic: You can find all of my short videos on YouTube at Please check them out, rate them and leave comments. The more action these […]

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Straw Bale Homes and a Wildfire

I received the following e-mail yesterday regarding the fire resistance of straw bale homes: “I have a 10 year old straw bale house in Flagstaff, AZ. I heard that in the wildfires over the last few years that straw bale homes incinerated. Have you heard that?” Here’s my reply: Thanks for your email and you […]

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Environmentally Sustainable Construction: An Introduction for Kids

Antony Brown, the Director of the Ecosa Institute in Prescott, Arizona recently held a free workshop in order to introduce kids to environmentally sustainable construction. The workshop was aimed at high school kids with an interest in architecture. Far too often, kids decide they want to explore the world of architecture and then find out […]

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