California Straw Building Association’s 20th Anniversary Gathering

CASBA BannerThe California Straw Building Association (CASBA) has done amazing work in the field of straw bale construction for the last twenty, yes TWENTY, years. This year’s annual meeting will celebrate the achievements of the last twenty years and look to the future to see how CASBA can continue to build positive relationships in the field of straw bale construction for the next twenty years and beyond.

In addition to the general fun, connecting with friends old and new, and celebrating CASBA’s achievements, there will be presentations by the Keynote Speakers (Athena and Bill Steen), as well as featured speakers, panels of experts on topics including ‘Affordable Straw Bale’, ‘Insurance and Financing’, ‘Carbon Sequestration’ and ‘Plaster, Moisture & Durability’.  PLUS…discussions about YOUR projects large, small, sedate or wild.

I hope you will join us at this amazing event. It will surely be fun, informative, and inspiring. You can learn more and sign up by visiting this link.

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