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Home Sweet Home

This superbly written article from Sutherland Living Magazine is the creation of a recent workshop participant, Tiffany Redding.  Her enthusiasm and genuine excitement to learn were contagious during that workshop and she will long be remembered by all of those there.  Tiffany’s article, “Home Sweet Home, is reprinted courtesy of Sutherland Living Magazine – extraordinary […]

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Campus Straw Bale Cafe Wins Plaudits

1.  Please introduce yourself:  🙂 I’m Paul Younger, an architect and associate with Hewitt Studios LLP in the UK. Our practice focuses on high-quality, non-traditional sustainable design – just because its green, doesn’t mean it has to be twee or old-fashioned! 2. How did you get involved with the Straw Bale Cafe?  Had you built […]

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