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No Impact Man

If you have not already heard about Colin Beavan’s blog and lifestyle dubbed “No Impact Man” then I strongly suggest you check it out. He and his wife and young child are living a life that has as close to zero impact on the planet as possible. It’s pretty fascinating stuff. I imagine all of […]

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Happy Earth Day

Take this time to find within you that which is grateful for all you have, no matter how big or small. Find a moment to thank the Earth for everything that is provided to you. Everything around you: your food, your clothes, your house, everything comes from the Earth. What can you do to say […]

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ModCell Construction…Way Cool

This is one of the coolest and most beautiful straw bale construction concepts I have seen in a long time. Although not something for the owner builder per se, this technique makes the potential for commercial straw bale construction a reality and can even be used in residential applications if the site location and project […]

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