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New Research on Straw Bale Walls

I was recently told about some new research results that have posted on line. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has just published a report authored by Colin MacDougall called “Effect of Mesh and Bale Orientation on the Strength of Straw Bale Walls“. The report is co-authored by Chris Magwood and Steve Vardy. The […]

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Shaping Bales

For a long time my crew has used the same mesh (2″x2″ 14 gauge welded wire mesh) to shape windows and door openings. It has always worked very well; however, I have recently found a situation in which that can be quite problematic for the plastering process. If the straw is not packed tightly into […]

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Slaking and Sand Ratios in Lime Plaster

I recently received the following questions regarding Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) plaster: =========================================== As always, we appreciate your response. We finally ordered the lime, it is arriving this morning. We are scheduled to start tomorrow. Just lining everything up today. Some final technical questions. In the formula you call for 4 different grains of sand. […]

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