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Live the Straw Bale Dream in Colorado!

Live the straw bale dream in Colorado in this beautiful home for sale in Walsenburg, Colorado. The current owners hosted one of our all-time favourite workshops for their build. We can tell you from direct experience that this home is masterfully designed and built. The contractors who did the framing, roofing, etc did a superb […]

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Small house made of money in a hand

Financing a Straw Bale Home

Perhaps the most commonly asked question about straw bale construction is: “How do I finance it?” Unfortunately, the answer hasn’t gotten much easier over the years as straw bale construction is still considered alternative to the mainstream and, as we all know, banks are not big fans of taking risks on alternative construction techniques. That said, there are some things that you can do to improve your efforts and increase your chance of receiving funding.

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