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Even If You've Never Built Anything In Your Life, Aren't Sure If You Have the Skills, or Have No Idea How to Get Started!"

Andrew Morrison

"I'm so confident that the cutting-edge techniques you'll learn using my step by step straw bale system will help you build your own straw bale project that if you don't I'll give you your money back!"

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Andrew Morrison, Straw Bale Specialist

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I want to show you the latest straw bale tools, techniques, and research so you will be able to build any size straw bale project without any prior straw bale building experience knowing you have the most up-to-date tools and techniques. Make your straw bale project a success... No more wasting your time and money on out-dated techniques.... No more worry about whether you can do it on your own or not.

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"There's never been a better time to build
your own straw bale house.

It's easier than you think to
do it yourself.

From the Desk of Andrew Morrison,
Straw Bale Specialist
Historic Jacksonville, Oregon

Dear Straw Bale Builders and Builders to Be,

You've seen the beautiful photographs, you've read about the amazing health and energy saving benefits of straw bale, and you may have had the opportunity to visit or stay in a straw bale house. No doubt about it, straw bale building is becoming more and more popular worldwide. As more and more people are looking at straw bale building as the way to build a natural and healthy home there comes a need for the very latest and cutting-edge information so you can build your straw bale home knowing that you are doing it right.

My name is Andrew Morrison, I am a contractor specializing in straw bale building in Southern Oregon. I am the developer of a unique 15 home straw bale development in beautiful, historic Jacksonville and have had many years of experience in straw bale construction. Along with my team of dedicated straw bale builders and designers I want to show you how you can build with straw bale avoiding all the pitfalls I fell into when I first started out in straw bale construction.

Straw bale lends itself to the person who is interested in building their own house. For some this may be a daunting task, but I want to reassure you, it's easier than you think to build your own straw bale house.

I want to show you the latest straw bale tools, techniques, and research so you will be able to build any size straw bale project without any prior straw bale building experience knowing you have the most up-to-date tools and techniques. Make your straw bale project a success... No more wasting your time and money on out-dated techniques.... No more worry about whether you can do it on your own or not.

"After six years of contemplating, researching and designing straw bale homes, your DVD is the most detailed and best produced media I've found on constructing straw bale homes. It has convinced me to move ahead with my goals and future projects. I couldn't be more thrilled at the visual and informational detail showing how straw bale homes should be built; particularly in areas who's climates have more rainfall than the deserts of Arizona. This DVD set is a must for anyone building a straw bale home or planning developments. "

Lee Conover
Green-Way Developers, LLC
Raleigh, NC

"Thank you so much for the fantastic dvds on straw bale building! I love them! I have studied straw bale building for the last five years and think that it is the way to go. Your information is the best I have seen! I am sure that I will wear them out. Again, thank you for the valuable information!"

Philip and Leanne Woodland
Camden, Maine
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Building a straw bale house is the most energy saving and healthiest building option available today. Here are some of the incredible benefits of straw bale:

  • Imagine having a $10.00 heating and cooling bill month after month....What would you do with the extra money you save each month?

  • Dramatically reduce the risk of allergies from airborn molds, pollens, and toxins....Straw bale walls dramatically reduce the amount of toxins introduced into the building envelope.

  • Enjoy the silence of a truly sound-proofed home.... You will be amazed at the acoustic privacy in your straw bale house.

  • Straw bale houses offer 3 times the fire resistance of conventional construction....Sleep well knowing that you live in a house that naturally protects you and your family.

"Your DVD is outstanding. I came across the straw bale idea several years ago when we were researching ideas for building a small, energy-efficient house. The straw bale idea seemed sound, but the techniques recommended, especially in the area of moisture protection, were simplistic and would prove ineffective over time. Your techniques address the very reservations that made me hesitant to continue to plan this project. Even our 6 year-old grandson, who loves anything to do with construction, enjoyed watching your presentation!

I think that anyone who builds a straw bale house following your guidelines will have good results that will last at least as long as any conventional construction. May you have continued success!"

With best regards,
Bill Klauss
Homer City, PA

Are you interested in building your own straw bale house but want to cut your teeth on a smaller structure first?

  • Learn all the techniques on a smaller building before embarking on the dream house of a lifetime.

  • Why should you go to a contractor to build your house when you could do it yourself and save thousands of dollars in the process.... Imagine what it feels like to wake up each day in a house you built yourself.

  • How would you like to live in a house that is natural, beautiful, super energy efficient, and healthy?.... Building with straw bales is the healthiest construction method available.

"The video was fantastic and arrived sooner than I was expecting. The design of the substructure was most important to me and was covered in perfect detail. I also thought the host was well spoken and comes from a position of expertise as he did all the work!"

John Pens,
Manhattan, IL

People often build straw bale projects using out-dated techniques. NOW, by using the techniques presented in this how-to guide, you can build a project in less time knowing that you're getting the absolute latest technology for your house, cabin, or guest cottage.

Imagine being able to build a guest cottage in your back yard on your own. You can do it. The How-To Guide to Building with Straw Bales will show you how!

Others have saved thousands because they used my system.

"This is clearly the best straw bale video on the market at this time. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone considering building a strawbale home."

Owen Geiger
Hartworks, Inc.

Our How-To Straw Bale
DVD has:

  • The latest engineering information that you need to know to build with straw bales..... By implementing these techniques you will be able to effectively build your own straw bale project with no prior straw bale experience. As in any construction project you will need some building experience. This video covers the straw bale aspects of your straw bale project and will not teach you how to frame your house.

  • All previous and obsolete information that is circulating is updated.... you can't afford to make your construction decisions using old information that could get your project failed by your local building code. Using out-dated information produces a more difficult house to build and one that is not as structurally sound.

  • A quick introduction overview.... So you'll know exactly where you're going and can plan each stage of the work ahead of time to build a successful straw bale project.

  • A list of all tools you need to build your project.... No more rushing off to the hardware store every 5 minutes to get an essential tool. All the tools are listed and can conveniently be purchased ahead of time or from this website.

  • The latest straw bale construction techniques that will save you time and money...Your straw bale project will be the envy of all of your friends and neighbors.

"Thank you for such a well-thought-out guide, and providing a wonderful tool to reach out to us straw bale dreamers! Your presentation was clear, well-organized, thorough, and a pleasure to watch! The technical discussions are very relevant to build-it-yourselfers in my estimation, and especially valuable to those with little or no construction experience, and I count myself among those people. "

James Francis DeVoge, III
Houston, TX

Remember, No Extensive Straw Bale Construction Experience Needed.... All Relevant Terms are
Defined and Explained.

In this DVD you get:

  • Cutting edge information. No other DVD available has this latest information.

  • Over 60 tips and techniques to save you time.

  • Beginning and advanced techniques to help you create the structure of your dreams.

  • Your one-stop guide to building with straw bales.

Top Ten Reasons You Should
Have This DVD

10. You will be better able to build your own straw bale project.

9. You will be amazed at how quickly your straw bale project can be completed.

8. You will have a great tool to share with your contractor and architect.

7.You'll have all of the latest techniques at your fingertips.

6. You will be infinitely more confident in the outcome of each straw bale project.

5. You will get many comments about your beautiful straw bale building.

4. You will get more referrals for your design or construction business.

3. You will be able to build that guest cottage you've always wanted for under $4,000.

2. You will have a great resource to follow your builder through the construction process.

And the number one reason to order this system:

1. You will be able to build a much better straw bale project for less money!

"Straw Bale Innovations, LLC has put together the most comprehensive and detailed 'How to Build a Straw Bale House' instruction DVD in the industry"

Ted Stodder: Professor of Construction Technology, College of the Redwoods & General Contractor


You'll be able to cut your teeth on a small project before embarking on building your straw bale house.

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"The strawbale DVD just arrived and my husband and I really enjoyed watching it. My husband said, "That is worth the money!" --and-- "He really paid attention to details." You have no idea what a great compliment these statements are, coming from him! There was a lot of information that we had not seen in previous videos that we had bought.

We are now trying to find a local contractor to work with here in Colorado Springs. Your info will sure come in handy. I can just see us on our property, gathered around the lap top, looking up info on whatever stage we happen to be working on at any given time.

Thanks for checking in with us and thanks for the great information."

Nell C.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

straw bale dvd

Here's a small sample of what you will get in this instructional DVD:

The "How-To Guide to Building
with Straw Bales" - Post and Beam Infill DVD


Introduction to Building with Straw Bales

  • All of the necessary safety features for building with straw bales.... Knowing these will prevent all sorts of potential accidents on the job site.

  • A list of all the tools you will need to begin your project.

  • Tips for preparing for the local building codes before you begin construction... Save fruitless and time-consuming trips to the local planning office.

Foundation Details and Tips

  • The different foundation options available to you as a straw bale owner and why a concrete foundation is the best choice.

  • Know what you are looking for before you pour concrete.... Full cross sections of typical foundations are presented.

  • Take advantage of radiant floor heating.... know the best thickness of the concrete slab for this incredible heating system.

  • We will show you how to prepare your foundation to create a beautiful, flush plaster exterior that looks seamless.

  • Prevent rain-driven moisture from penetrating the building and the floor..... We will show you how to correctly mount your door threshold.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the DVD Set on Saturday and, even though I haven't finished watching the whole thing, I think it's worth every penny and more! I'm really glad I got it. Now I've got to revise those house plans...Thanks!

Silverlining Designs

Tips and Techniques for Framing Your
Straw Bale Structure

  • Learn the best type of framing to use for building your straw bale in-fill house.

  • Know how to adapt your bracing when baling.... Prevent excess notching of your bales and save a ton of time.

  • 2 framing techniques to increase the natural strength of your plaster.... knowing this will provide extra sheer protection for your building.

  • How to design your building to get the bales flush up against the bottom plate of your window and the top plate of your framed walls.... Build this into the design and prevent many hours of unnecessary notching of your bales.

  • How to frame the window openings in a straw bale building.... Make sure you have enough nailing surface for exterior trim.... Give yourself a perfect surface for nailing your wire mesh and flashing.

  • The one technique to stop green framing wood from twisting and warping.... Minimize cracking of the plaster around the windows.

  • How best to design the height of your top plate.... Maximize interior space while minimizing the number of bale courses you need.

"I wasn’t sure what I was expecting for quality when I ordered this DVD but I love it, and the detail is absolutely great. I look forward to telling others about this DVD and I hope it will get others to purchase the DVD too. I’m excited to get home after work and watch both disks all the way through.

Take care and thanks again for an amazing product."

Morgan W.
Factory 53 Designs

Tips and Techniques for Preparing to Build Your Straw Bale Walls- How to Build Your Toe-Ups

Andrew demonstrating the ideal "toe-up" prior to building the bale wall.

  • Learn what to do before you install your first row of straw bales.... Start the baling process right on the first go and eliminate the headaches as you build your straw bale wall.

  • The best tools for installing your "toe-ups" onto the concrete slab.... Very strong, easy to install, and last forever- we'll teach you exactly how to do this.

  • Step-by-step instructions for attaching the toe-up to the concrete slab.

  • The method you must adopt when drilling into concrete.... You risk puncturing the concrete if you don't follow this.

  • The technique you must use to protect the threads of your anchor bolts.

  • Know what material you should fill your toe-ups with.... Easily prevent mold and other things from growing in your bales.

  • Learn the best method to secure your first bale course to the toe up.... Provide a rigid and secure footing for your bale wall.

  • Learn the correct spacing for your anchor bolts.... Be within the building regulations before you have an inspection

Click here to purchase this DVD if you live in the United States

All International orders MUST use this link to purchase this DVD

Straw Bale 101- A Primer for Working
with Straw Bales

  • The 8 criteria you must use when selecting the best bales for your project.

  • The range of moisture you must aim for when selecting bales.

  • 3 ways to check the moisture content of your bales to be sure you won't have bales that are too moist.

  • The best tool to use for checking the moisture content of your bale.

  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of bales.... Choose the right bale for your project and climate.

  • Why using a well made bale needle will save you tons of time when re-tying your bales and applying wire mesh to the walls.

  • Why we use 2 different colors of twine when re-tying bales.... make your life easier and cut out the guess work!

  • The best method for re-tying bales... Learning and applying this method is worth the entire video in cost and time saved on your project.

  • Learn the knot we use when re-tying bales.... Simple to tie, secure, strong, and unbreakable.

  • How to reduce waste when re-tying your bales.... Minimize the impact on the environment by learning which materials to re-use.

  • The technique to use when measuring the bales before re-tying.... This method will get your bales to the exact measurement for your project.

  • Learn the correct method for notching your bales.... Following this will save you from ruining bales by accidentally chopping the baling twine.

  • The best tool for cutting bales.... Learn how to use and clean it to prolong its project life.

  • Learn how to run your bales in "common bond" in both the straight walls and the corners.... The most effective way to get stability into your walls.

  • The method to get notched bales securely anchored underneath windows and other framing details

  • Why you should get your bales lined up with the toe-up before tamping them down.... Prevent your walls from leaning away from plumb.

  • How to deal with situations where your bale course is higher than the sill of your window.

  • Learn why it is better to jam or pop bales into place.... Creates a very firm and tight junction between bales in the wall.

  • Learn the technique to prevent damaging your vinyl or wood windows as you notch your bales when they are in place in your wall.

  • Tips for keeping the straw bale work site clean.... Minimize fire risk and possible injury from slipping.

How to Continue a Course of Bales Over a Closet or Tall Window- All You Need to Know About Box Beam Construction

Andrew demonstrating the ideal box-beam set up

  • Learn what tools you need to create a box beam and how to save on materials.... Save money by learning how to re-use lumber etc.

  • The best way to alter your box beams over closets and over windows.... Keep the aesthetic look of your walls.

  • The best method to even the load of the bales as they are placed on top of the box beam.

  • The steps you must follow to make sure your box beam lines up underneath the rafters in the ceiling.

  • The 2 best materials to use for insulating your box beam.... Re-use materials and help maintain the incredible insulative value of your straw bale house.

  • The best material to use when stuffing straw into rafter bays.

  • What to use to minimize the risk of fire when using loose straw to stuff into the rafter bays and other spaces in your building.... Using this will greatly increase the insulative capacity of your house and dramatically reduce fire hazards.

  • The best ingredients and technique to make a "clay straw slip".

  • How to fill spaces around your windows.... This technique will allow you to maintain the rounded edges of your windows while providing stability and insulation.

Stuffing straw into windows

You'll learn how to properly install and frame windows in your straw bale house

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All International orders MUST use this link to purchase this DVD

Electrical Details

  • The 3 best ways to run wires in your walls.... Use the techniques that the inspectors like to see in straw bale houses.

  • The best way to wire in a straw bale house to be able to change the wiring in the future.... Prepare for the future now and save yourself headaches later on.

  • Learn the correct measurements for placing your electrical box into a straw bale wall.... If you do it his way they will meet the interior plaster for a smooth finish to your walls.

"Thanks for your hard work. I really think it's the best strawbale resource out there. Great job!!"

Julie P.
New York, NY

Cleaning Up the Straw Bale Walls Prior to Putting Up Your Wire Mesh

  • Learn how to prepare your bales before removing the chaff and loose straw with a weed whacker… Prolong the life of your weed whacker with these simple pointers.

  • Learn the correct method to clean up your straw bale walls… doing this will result in nice, smooth, even, and plumb walls without extra bumps, humps and holes.

  • We will demonstrate the correct tool to use to make sure that you are weed whacking on a plumb line…. No crooked or wonky walls!

  • Learn the best method to create artistic and aesthetic nooks and niches in your walls… Add that unique touch to your buildings.

Andrew using a weed whacker to clear excess straw from the walls prior to plastering

How to Put Windows Into A Straw Bale Building

  • Prevent water damage: The DVD covers 6 different techniques and methods to prevent water from entering in your windows.

  • Learn how to prepare window flashing prior to plaster to get the maximum water drainage… prevent water seeping into the strawbale wall and damaging plaster finish.

  • Learn how to place your staples on the window flashing to prevent any moisture from entering the house and direct as much water away from your windows as possible.

  • 2 reasons why you do not want to put felt on the top sill of your window flashing.

  • How to apply adhesive flashing: we will show you the best method for applying adhesive flashing to seal your windows… Prolong the life of your windows and interior plaster.

  • The correct stage to put exterior window trim on your windows.

  • The best method of applying Z flashing to the windows…. Prevent water from pooling on the flashing and potentially penetrating into your house.

  • Learn how to adapt the different flashing methods for arched or round windows.

  • How to prepare your surface for applying the wire mesh for plastering… learn the correct stapling pattern for maximum structural integrity and strength to your wall.

  • Learn how to work with burlap and similar material.... Deal with large holes or gaps in the strawbale wall.

All the Tips and Techniques for Applying Wire Mesh to Your Straw Bale Walls

You'll learn how to flash around windows

  • The type of wire mesh that has been shown in the latest studies to provide the best structural integrity to your structure.

  • How to install blocking for the structural wire mesh.

  • 3 ways to make sure your blocking (area for attaching your wire mesh) is plumb and level.

  • Details of the 3 types of overlap method to use for your local earthquake zoning.

  • The best stapling pattern to satisfy your local structural engineering building code.

  • The correct size of staple to use and the correct place to apply them to the wire mesh.

  • The best way to use your strawbale needle to attach the wire mesh to your wall.

  • The approved method of attaching wire mesh in an earthquake zone.

  • The simple “tie method” of attaching the wire mesh to the straw bale wall…. Get the best surface for plastering.

The Interior: Windows, Corners, and Rounded Details to Your Straw Bale Walls

  • How to create the rounded edge on rounded window to prepare for plastering… get a natural look to your different individualized windows.

  • The 3 things you must do to get a sharp right angle corner on your inside windows.

  • How to stuff the sides of the windows with loose straw to get a good finish for plastering.

  • How to prepare a window seat in your structure for plastering… Get a good solid structure that is strong enough for seating!

  • How to manipulate wire mesh to create a natural looking back rest on your window seats.

  • How to use wire mesh to get nice right angles to your corners.

  • 4 different techniques for finishing your interior corners prior to plastering… Get natural looking corners and prevent bulges in the wall.

  • How to create sharp corner details.... The tool to use to not only strengthen but also give you that right angled look on your corners.

  • How to create a nice rounded look to your inside corners with metal lath… Learn the ways to prevent injuries as this material is also called “blood lath!"

  • 2 ways to stuff behind the wire lath to get the rounded look.

  • How to tie the joints of lath around your rounded edges….prevent joint fracture once the plaster has dried.

  • What to do if you find small holes in the strawbale wall once your wire mesh has been put on.

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Plumbing, Cabinet Hanging, Interior Wall Partitions, High Rain Environments, and Other Considerations

  • The best method of running plumbing or venting in your straw bale wall… allow for adequate access to your plumbing and prevent water damage to your strawbale walls.

  • The best method of protecting your bale walls if you absolutely have to run plumbing lines through the strawbale wall.

  • The 3 best techniques for creating an interior partition wall that is attached to a strawbale wall… Prevent the interior wall from moving from side to side, as this causes cracks in the plaster.

  • The best way to prepare a strawbale wall for hanging cabinets.

  • How to prepare your strawbale wall for recessed cabinetry.

  • Different techniques to use when you are considering a 2 story strawbale building.

  • The technique to use to protect your bales if you live in a climate that gets a lot of heavy rain… thinking ahead and preparing for these eventualities can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

  • Different techniques to protect your bale walls in the unlikely situation of a roof leak.

The How-To Guide to Building with Straw Bales has
16 Video Chapters

  • All the stages of preparing a foundation for straw bale.

  • All of the steps to create custom bales for each area of your project.

  • The latest techniques for flashing windows and doors.

  • Dozens of time saving tips and techniques that will not only save your body from wear and tear, but also protect your pocket book

Who Will Benefit From This Straw Bale Construction DVD?

This DVD is for you if you want to build a straw bale house, cabin, or guest cottage. It doesn't matter what type of project you have. This DVD is perfect for:

  • Anyone with a background in building who needs some help with the straw bale aspect of their project.

  • Builders, Contractors, Architects, and Designers who are open to a new way of designing and building beautiful, healthy, and natural homes.

  • Those people who have always dreamed of putting a small straw bale building in the back yard but have been tentative about the time and effort it will take.

  • Anyone who is totally new to straw bale. We will walk you though all aspects of the project. You will finish the DVD feeling confident and ready to get started.

  • This DVD will be extraordinarily helpful for builders who want to stay ahead of the game with new and creative natural building methods.

Much of the information you will learn on this DVD will be different from what you have heard in the past. It contains the latest methods and techniques of straw bale construction. If you are familiar with straw bale you will be amazed at the new innovations.

Questions and Answers with
Andrew Morrison

Q. How will I use this DVD?
A. I suggest you watch the DVD through from start to finish. You will see a straw bale project being built from foundation up. The DVD has "clickable" chapters, so you can jump to specific chapters that are more pertinent to your project. If you are new to straw bale you should take notes of the tools you need and different stages a straw bale house goes through. I am available for consultation, too, if needed.

Q. I already have a builder for my straw bale project. Will he/she clash with your techniques?
A. The techniques I present are on the very cutting edge of straw bale construction methods. I hope that most straw bale builders are open to saving you time and money on your project. Suggest that they check this video out and get them in touch with me if you need to. This is a fast changing field and if your builder is not keeping current then they may not be the best person to build your house.

Q. I already have lots of experience building straw bale. Why should I bother with your system?
A. That's great, however, this is a fast changing field and a lot of builders out there just don't have the time to stay current. For a small investment you will pick up a lot of new tools, tips, and techniques that will separate you from your competition. This DVD will give you all of the tools and techniques to stay ahead of the game.

Q. I don't have an unlimited budget to put into building my own straw bale project. I've heard it can cost more than $10,000 to build a small straw bale project and take many hundreds of hours. Is this true?
A. You can spend a million dollars and it won't make much difference if you don't do it right. Let me tell you about the cottage that is demonstrated on the DVD. This 200 square foot building was built for just under $5,000 from start to finish. The project may take time if you are doing it by yourself, but the point is you are able to do it on your own. No hiring builders, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, and electricians! Think what it is going to be like to show your friends and neighbors your beautiful, natural, and healthy guest cottage and tell them you did it on your own. Building your own straw bale project is totally doable. By following the tips and techniques in the DVD you'll be able to build your own straw bale project with confidence.

Q. I am interested in building my own straw bale house. It looks as if this video is about building small structures. Is there anything in it for me?
A. Absolutely. Most people who are going down the owner-builder route have never actually built a straw bale house before. I can't count the number of projects that I have been called in to rescue owner-builders who got in way over their heads. My advice to anyone who wants to build their own straw bale house is to buy this DVD. For $39.99 you are getting a primer on straw bale construction. Build a small structure in your garden so you can perfect your techniques on a smaller building that is not going to be your main living space.

I have total confidence that when you review the techniques on this DVD, you will benefit tremendously. I'm certain you will feel that your small investment in this DVD will be one of the biggest bargains you make this year. It will save you a tremendous amount of time and a tremendous amount of money too. I want you to order at no risk. That's why we give a No Nonsense, 100%, 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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This DVD Is a Treasure House of Immediately Usable Information!

100% One Year Money
Back Guarantee

Take one full year to examine and use this straw bale DVD. That's right. You have 365 days to put this valuable system to work on your straw bale project.

Test the system for yourself... Try as many of the valuable tips as you like. Once you've used these techniques on a straw bale project, I'm confident that you'll NEVER want to send it back.

But, if you are not 100% convinced and satisfied that this DVD can help you, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, simply return the system for a complete and no hassle refund minus the shipping and handling. Right up to the final day of this 365 day guarantee.

This How-To Straw Bale DVD is intelligently priced at $39.99 plus shipping and handling. If you live outside of the USA the DVD is $42.99, which includes shipping that will get the DVD to you within 4 - 8 business days depending on location and customs delays.

Just one of the many tips on here could save you hundreds of dollars. Another idea could save you many hours of frustration and wasted time. Order now and put yourself in the position to build a fantastic straw bale project. Heck, buy a copy for your builder and designer too!

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Read this only if you've decided NOT to invest.
The people who use this video will save time and money as they build their straw bale projects.
I don't blame you for being skeptical. There is enough junk out there on the internet that it's hard to decide what is real and what isn't.

We encourage you to read some of the reviews we've gotten from experts in the field. None of these claim that this video will build your house for you. They simply see the value you will get by putting these techniques into action.

You may already be building your own straw bale house and it might be going OK. Do you know the advanced and latest techniques to make the project go even better? How much money are you spending on things you don't need to do? How much time are you wasting on out-dated methods?

Let me ask you this. If you are in the straw bale industry or have built your own straw bale house in the past, do you remember when you had to wrap the inside and outside of your straw bale walls with chicken wire? Now, I hope that you're not doing this because no one who is serious in this business does that any more. This industry is changing so fast that a technique that was common practice a year ago is no longer being done. Don't get left out of the learning curve.

It requires an investment of time and money to build your own straw bale project. It takes being in touch with people in the field to stay current with the latest techniques. The more out of touch you are, the more time and money it will take to do your project. The time to implement the latest techniques is now. Every day you delay is costing you time and pretty soon you will be the person who is wrapping your house with chicken wire thinking that this is the best way to do it.... don't let that happen. Get and implement the latest techniques and reap the rewards of a beautiful, natural, and healthy home built inexpensively and in a timely manner.

Don't make the same mistakes we made:

If you are going to build with straw bales you're probably going to pay too much and make expensive mistakes. Do you realize that it would take attending a 2 week on-site workshop to learn all the techniques in this DVD? Do you realize that there is a limit to the amount of information you can get from a book? Get this video, start out using the best techniques in the straw bale industry, and don't make the same mistakes we have made in the past.

That's the reason for this video and that's the reason people hire us to build or consult on their straw bale houses for them.... to save them making the mistakes that we made. Can you afford to make major blunders in your straw bale project when they could be avoided with a low $39.99 investment in this one-of-a-kind straw bale tool?

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Happy Baling,

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P.S. At this point after reading a typical offer, you probably think to yourself "Do I really want to gamble $39.99 or $42.99 if you live outside the US?" Well, that's exactly why we've offered our "Nothing To Lose Guarantee". If our DVD does not deliver, we will gladly refund your money.

P.P.S. Don't forget that this DVD may be tax deductible as a business expense. Depending on your tax bracket, its actual cost could be a lot less after your bookkeeper deducts it on your tax be sure to remind your accountant.

P.P.P.S. Still not convinced that you need this "cutting edge" Straw Bale DVD? Let me give you one more reason why this DVD is absolutely essential for anyone seriously interested in building a straw bale project:
If you are not using The How-To Guide to Building with Straw Bales, you're not going to build the best straw bale project. You cannot lose with this deal. If you use any three of the hundreds of tips or techniques, and you don't find that it changes the way you approach your straw bale project in 12 months, we'll happily refund your money.

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