A Straw Bale Guest Chalet Vacation in South Okanagan, BC

straw bale guest chaletI was sent an announcement today about this two suite, straw bale guest chalet rental in BC Canada. This is pretty interesting and looks like a beautiful area. I’ve been to the Okanagan Valley and it is pretty amazing; however, I don’t think Ive ever been to this location. There is tons to do in Okanagan if you like wine tasting, skiing and other outdoor activities. I like this concept because the straw bale building could potentially turn others onto this type of construction.

When I first started building straw bale homes, I found that the best way to get someone who had never heard of the technique excited about it was to have them visit a bale house. There’s nothing like the feel of a straw bale building and so by letting them experience it first hand, they got an immediate sense of how amazing their own straw bale home could be. I think having people stay in one of the two chalet suites could help inspire them towards living a life surrounded by bales of their own!

So if you know anyone who might be interested in staying in the Okanagan area, on some 500 acres above Anarchist Mountain, please send them to this link so they can consider staying in a green suite rather than a typical house or hotel. It just may be the tipping point for their green living lifestyle change. Here’s the link: www.almightysummitestate.com

Just another cool detail: the property is run on solar power with back up generators (just in case) and the bathrooms have waterless composting toilets. The overall experience is that of a green lifestyle within the comforts of a beautiful home in a gorgeous part of the world. Please do support this type of business if you can. Their rates are also very reasonable in my opinion. Enjoy!

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  1. Edith Hogarth Mon, March 15, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    Good Afternoon Andrew:

    I wrote to you last year about my Healthy Home project in Alberta, Canada (a straw bale load bearing 37’D round straw bale home with a metal reciprocal roof), and have learned that because of the severity and progression of my medical condition (known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), building in Alberta or the rest of Eastern Canada, is no longer conducive to my well-being, according to the ERCB and Alberta Environment.

    As such, I am now researching the Rock Creek region of British Columbia. (My attempt at relocating to SW Turkey a few years ago, failed.) I will be spending several days checking out properties in the Osoyoos area, next week, and am looking forward to staying at the B&B Sunset Suite, to which you referred. I have already spoken with the owner and his wife, at length, and they are both eager to discuss their project with me, and learn of all the “interesting” components I need to incorporate into my project so as to avoid going into anaphylactic shock. Would be glad to share my experience on Anarchist Mountain with you, in a couple of weeks.

    Note: The Midway-Rock Creek-Osoyoos-Oliver areas of the Okanagan are part of Canada’s only desert and are re-known not only for the wine and beautiful scenery (mirroring New Zealand’s), it has been described as being probably one of the most pristine areas in Western Canada. Who would have thought, Eh!

  2. Andrew Morrison Fri, March 19, 2010 at 8:49 am #

    Hi Edith. Sorry to hear that your plans have had to change so drastically. I wish you the best and would love to hear your feedback once you return home from your trip.

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