Jobsite Multi Purpose Tool

cutting-roof-felt.jpg Perhaps the greatest tool on a straw bale construction jobsite is the bales themselves. Of course, I LOVE the straw bale needles I use, but there is nothing quite as amazing as the many uses of straw bales on a site.

I use them as a free standing table when retying bales and notching bales, and add plywood to two bales top create a hard surface table when cutting roofing felt and other materials. They also make great ladders when stacked properly. Ever try carrying a 45 pound straw bale up a stepladder? Trust me, it is way easier to walk up a step way made of big solid bales.
It is well worth adding a few extra bales to your order for use around the jobsite. You will be happy you have them more than once during the construction of your project.

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