Montezuma, NM: What an AMAZING Week This Workshop Was!

Group Photo from Montezuma Straw Bale Workshop

What an incredible week we had in Montezuma, NM at this season’s first straw bale workshop.  We always have a good time at the workshops, but there was something especially amazing about this week as we felt the joy of gathering together after such a long and, for some, lonely pandemic year. The vast majority of the participants and staff were fully vaccinated and the CDC released their new guidelines just in time for us to experience a bit of what life was like before the pandemic hit us so hard. It was so wonderful to share smiles, hugs, space, and time together.

Although I can’t recreate the workshop here, for obvious reasons, I want to give you a little flavor of the fun and work we managed together. Please take a few minutes to check out the photos below. Again, this is just a taste, but it captures a bit of the experience…

People laying in loose straw

Relaxing on Straw

Four People in Front of a Straw Bale Wall

Building Together

Straw Bale House

The Mesh is Complete

Smiles: Some Hidden, Some in Plain Sight

Campfire at Night

The Campfire (photo by Jack Lommen)

Lunch Tent

Lunch Time

Woman Stapling Mesh on Straw Bale House

Melba, the Happy Stapler

Group Plastering Straw Bale House

Plastering: Day 1 – Exterior Complete

Interior Walls of Straw Bale House With plaster

Plastering: Day 2 – Interior Complete

Three People in Front of Bale Wall

Niche Friends


We are hoping to add one more workshop this year to help with accommodating the demand we are seeing. We currently have five locations and they are ALL SOLD OUT. Stay tuned to THIS PAGE in the coming weeks to see if we were able to find a new host.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop this coming September 16-22, 2021, please email me ( and and let’s see what’s possible. You can learn about the hosting requirements HERE to see if it’s a good match for you. Because it’s late in the season, you’ll need to be well underway at this point to make a September workshop possible. I hope to hear from you soon!!

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