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Straw Bale Q & A

Here is a list of questions from a college student writing a report about straw bale construction. Read my answers in this blog entry. Is straw bale user friendly? What current roadblocks are there in the codes to straw bale construction? Can bales be used as attic insulation? How about retrofitting with bales? Do you have to give up anything to live in a bale house…comfort, design? Just how “super insulated” are bale homes? What’s the best exterior plaster to use? Are overhangs really that important?

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

A nurse has recorded the most common regrets of the dying, and among the top ones is ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’. What would your biggest regret be if this was your last day of life? What are you going to do, right now, in the present, to live the fullest, most honest, and fulfilling life you can? Start now. There’s nothing you need to wait for to get started.

Help Preserve the Oldest Straw Bale Structure in Europe

If you have ever wondered what the oldest straw bale structure in Europe is, you can stop wondering. It’s this home, built in 1921 in Montargis, France. The house has been for sale for over a year now and a group of straw bale enthusiasts, the RFCP or French Straw Bale Building Network, are looking to purchase the property and preserve it for the future. The RFCP is trying to raise money through donations to purchase the property.

Meet the Oregon Workshop Host

Teresa, the host for the Sam’s Valley, Oregon workshop, gets to do something most of us wouldn’t have the courage and stamina to do year after year…teach at a youth correctional facility.  Helping the local troubled youth is something she loves and is passionate about.  Kids come in as young as 12 years old and […]

April Free Workshop Winner!

The winner of this month’s free 7 day straw bale workshop is…Jesse L.! Jesse is an artist and writer inspired by the natural world of Vermont.  She is also an herbalist and last year was certified in Permaculture Design.  For the past two years she has not had a home of her own but instead […]

Renee’s Gift

Sometimes in life things may seem so bleak and desperate that it’s hard to find hope or reason to go on.  As grace would have it though, even at these darkest moments, there is an opportunity to surrender and find hope that can be so transformational that it can alter a person’s life and outlook […]