Save the Rain Foundation

Many of you will have already received the email telling you about the Save the Rain Foundation and our efforts to support their work. For those of you who have not heard from us on this, I hope you find the information inspiring. A few weeks ago I was at the West Coast Green Expo in San Francisco and I met a woman who has dedicated herself to the health of the planet. She is actively making a difference, along with her husband, by bringing rain catchment systems to people who do not have clean water available to them.

Sadly, every 8 seconds, some one dies because they do not have access to clean water. Save the Rain Foundation is helping to change that and we are helping them bring their dream to fruition. We at have dedicated 10% of the profits from our best selling How To Straw Bale DVDs to this inspiring organization. In addition, we are trying to raise a total of $35,000 in the next week. This is the amount still needed to complete a rain catchment system that will bring clean water to an entire village for generations to come in Tanzania, the third poorest country in the World! Please visit the home page or follow the link above to read more and to make a donation and help us reach our goal. We calculated that if every one who visits our site each day donated $5 (JUST $5) we could raise the money this organization needs to change the village of Namballa forever. I hope you can help and thank you.

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