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Old Friends and New Friends

Last weekend in Denver, Colorado I held my first ever 2-day Straw Bale Design Seminar. I suppose it would be silly for me to try and share the group experience via a blog post. We simply covered too much ground and had too much fun to sum it up in a few paragraphs. I’ll do my best, nonetheless, to let you in on it as best I can. I started my workshop by hugging old friends and saying hello to new ones. I think there is something about starting a workshop that way because the smiles seemed to be contagious. I think they came from knowing that the room was full of like minded people willing to share their questions and experiences to help the group move forward. The simple format of the weekend allowed us to discuss the inner workings of straw bale construction in great detail. We covered the construction details of building a straw bale home and how to properly represent those details on the construction drawings. We talked at great length about working with building departments, banks, insurance companies, and more. We dove into managing subcontractors, budgets, and time lines. We reviewed the plans that participants brought with them and offered feedback and guidance on each set.

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August Straw Bale Workshop Winner!

Congratulations to Jeremy!  His name was picked as the August winner for a free 7 day straw bale workshop.  World, meet Jeremy… “I am a permaculturally-informed and biased socio-political activist-journalist and future-roots hiphop producer currently living in Lawrence, Kansas with my sweet little family.  Deeply committed to local food and farms, I’m interested in rounding out my facility with the […]

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