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We’re excited to share that our brand new website TinyHousePlans.com is live! Have you ever considered the size of your dream home? Have you ever considered that it may be far more than you really need? Have you considered how you might spend the vast amounts of money saved from building on a smaller scale? I’m here to offer a suggestion: consider it. It’s something that has changed our lives for the better in so many ways.

Gabriella and I have drastically downsized our lives and are so happy with our decision to do so. We save thousands and thousands of dollars every year because we own our home outright and, perhaps more importantly, our living expenses are so low as a result of our home size, among other reasons. Even if you had not considered living a tiny lifestyle in the past, I strongly encourage you to look at what simplifying your life might mean for you. Early retirement? Travel? Time with family? You may discover that a tiny house is too small for you, but that a house a fraction of the size you had initially planned on is a fantastic idea. Either way, you win in the end.


An interior shot of hOMe, our 28′ modern, minimalistic, tiny house design.

Before this website launch, there was no central location to browse for tried-and-true tiny house plans, making the search sometimes tedious and time consuming. So Gabriella and I, along with our good friend BA Norrgard (a tiny house leader and advocate herself), reached out to some of the world’s best tiny house designers and created a collaborative marketplace for people considering living tiny to finally have an easy and enjoyable browsing and shopping experience.

Even if you’re just curious about what tiny house designs look like and want to spend some time day-dreaming about what your life might look like within one, you’ll find something to garner your attention on the site. We’ve made it super user friendly and it’s full of eye candy too!

A Little Name Dropping

Here are some names of designers you’ll find listed on TinyHousePlans.com (us included for our 8’6″ x 28′ hOMe design):

Macy Miller

Dee Williams

Alek Lisefski

Vina Lustado

Ethan Waldman

Teal Brown

Derin Williams

Dot & Byron Fears

Jon Michael Ahrends, and more.

Some Benefits of shopping at TinyHousePlans.com

  • Our vetting process is intensive so you can rest assured that you’re purchasing plans that are safe and have been built by others successfully. We have been selling high quality straw bale construction house plans for years here on strawbale.com, so we have a clear understanding of what it takes to find the right plans that you can trust. We’ve extended that knowledge into the world of tiny houses now with this one-stop gathering place of the best designs we know of.
  • Here’s another cool announcement…we’re finally offering the plans for  our 24′ version of our tiny house “hOMe”! The original design that went viral worldwide is 28′ long. As fantastic as the house is, many had asked us about designing a 24′ version with the same look and feel as the original. We finally got it done!  At this point though, you’ll only find them on TinyHousePlans.com.
  • Perhaps the best reason of all to not only browse, but SHOP on the site is that you’ll find each and every set listed at 5% less than elsewhere on the web, including on our own websites (all the designers’ websites, ourselves included, that is)!

What’s Next?


Andrew and Gabriella in front of hOMe.

So if you’re ready to turn your tiny house fantasies into reality or just want to check out some fun eye candy of some of the most beautiful tiny houses, click on THIS link to gain access to the largest resource for tiny house plans out there!

By the way, we have several more designers putting together their plans for listing and our site will grow significantly in the next 1-3 months. What’s more, if you have a favorite tiny house and want to see us list their plans, please fill out our suggestion form on TinyHousePlans.com and we will contact the designer.

Finally, you’ll find a newsletter sign up link on TinyHousePlans.com so if you want to be kept abreast of new plans as they come in, receive new and informative articles, and be notified of sales when they happen, be sure to sign up.

Want to learn more about straw bale houses and how to build one? Want to do so for FREE? Sign up for our totally free 16 Day Straw Bale eCourse! Find out more HERE.

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