Thank you for your interest in attending a straw bale workshop with us!  We understand that sometimes money can be the principal factor that prevents someone from attending our workshops so we want to give people the opportunity to attend.  We  give one (1) scholarship spot away for each workshop to the candidate that we feel will make the most out of the opportunity.  Here are the details:

-Scholarship applications must be received 3 months (90 days) from the workshop start date.

-We will notify the scholarship winners 2 months (60 days) before the workshop start date.

-The scholarship winners pay $100 for food for 7 day workshops (this money goes to the host to help offset their food costs). We do not pay for any travel expenses. The scholarship winner is responsible for all travel costs.

If you are interested in applying for one of the scholarship spots, please fill out the questions below and email them to

1.  Name and residence state

2. Which workshop you are applying for (please pick JUST one)

3.  Why you want to attend a straw bale workshop with us

4.  What you hope to do with the skills you learn at the workshop

5.  A little bit about your background

We look forward to reading your application and we hope to meet you at a workshop soon!



Rhode Island April 7-13 workshop, APPLICATION DEADLINE: 1/7/14

Missouri May 5-11 workshop, APPLICATION DEADLINE: 2/4/14

Oregon June 2-8 workshop, APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3/4/14

New York June 23-29 workshop, APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3/25/14

Massachusetts July 21-27, APPLICATION DEADLINE: 4/24/14

Arizona August 11-17, APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5/13/14

Montana Sep. 1-7, APPLICATION DEADLINE: 6/3/14