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My Latest Blog Entries Are Below

Metal In Straw Bale Wall Assemblies

Welded Wire MeshI know that the topic of metal in straw bale wall assemblies is a contentious one, and that is precisely why I want to bring it up and talk about it with you all. I have been saying for years that the use of welded wire mesh and plaster lath is essential to a quality bale house, and that sentiment has not changed. I want to quickly share my thoughts about using metal mesh and lath, and then hear from those of you who either agree or disagree with the practice. My preference is that you only write in if you actually have experience with using (or not using) metal mesh and lath and that the conversation be held to those with something to share from the experience, not from assumptions or beliefs. Of course, that’s my want and I have learned over the years that I don’t always get what I want. :)

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Andrew’s TEDx Talk on Tiny House Living

This past October I was invited to Colorado Springs to give a TEDx talk on tiny house living, living within one’s means, and living a deliberate life that supports one’s joy and wellness. The subject matter will be a natural carry over to the straw bale community (who is comprised of so many amazing people looking for a better way to live) so I wanted to share it with you.

By choosing to live in a small space, we were able to build our house with cash and now have no housing payments (and won’t for the rest of our lives if we stay living here).  I hear from so many of you that this is a dream: to live without a housing payment and to live free of debt. Well, it’s not just a dream. It is an obtainable reality.

I hope you enjoy the talk and it inspires you towards achieving the dreams you hold dear.

Announcing the 2015 Straw Bale Workshop Schedule and SALE !!

original (4295062954)The long anticipated moment is finally here! After months of preparation, we are proud to release the 2015 Straw Bale Workshop Schedule to you.

This coming year we will run 6 workshops in the United States and 1 in Australia. Each of these locations and hosts were selected through a very strict list of criteria and we couldn’t be happier with how the schedule turned out. You can see the locations and dates below.

Registration is now open, and each of our workshop tuitions are discounted during this week long sale so this really is the best time to secure your spot at your preferred location. During last year’s launch sale, some of our locations sold out within days of the announcement and we anticipate the same level of excitement and sign ups with our 2015 destinations. Which location will you choose?

March 9-15                    Victoria, Australia

April 27-May 3               Yucca, Arizona

June 8-14                       Austin, Texas

June 22-28                     La Grande, Oregon

July 13-19                     Arlington, Vermont

September 7-13             North Fork, Idaho

September 21-27           Lincoln, Nebraska

I look forward to meeting you at a workshop soon. Happy Baling!

Trivia Contest: Winner Receives $200 Off 2015 Workshop


Gabriella and I have been busy the last couple of weeks preparing for the upcoming launch of our 2015 Straw Bale Workshop reveal (9am PST, Fri. Nov. 28). Just this morning as we were finalizing some formatting on our workshop pages, we both commented almost at the same time, ” We have AMAZING workshop hosts and locations this year!”

To share our excitement and to have a little fun, we have put together a trivia contest. Here’s how it will run:

The first person that emails me ( the correct answers to the following trivia questions will receive a special discountcode for $200 off the workshop sale price. If you are one of the very few people that we have given the location list to (because you wrote and requested it to plan your vacation time far in advance), I’m very sorry to say that your answers won’t be accepted. Got to keep it fair right!?

If you answer these trivia questions properly, you will be one step closer towards knowing exactly where we will be holding our workshops in 2015!

Here are the trivia questions.

1. This state has more ghost towns in it than any other state: OREGON

2. This state claims to home the “live music capital of the world”: TEXAS

3. In ratio of cows to people, this state has the greatest number of dairy

  cows in the nation: VERMONT

4. This state has more miles of river than any other state: NEBRASKA

5. The world’s largest solar telescope is located in this state: ARIZONA

6. A law in this state forbids a citizen to give another citizen a box of

   candy that weighs more than 50 pounds: IDAHO

7. This COUNTRY is as wide as the distance between London and Moscow: AUSTRALIA

Good luck! Again, the very first person to email me ( the right answers to these questions will receive their own $200 off the already discounted workshop tuition. **THE SUBMISSION PERIOD FOR THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED**

Talk to you all again in just a few short days  (Friday, November 28th at 9am PST) when we reveal our VERY exciting 2015 workshop schedule!!

Happy Baling!

The Impact of Design Details

off grid

Wind Prairie Architecture. Photo credit Lois Shelden.

There is always a balance that needs to be struck between the desire to have an architecturally pleasing house and the impact of design details on the cost and difficulty of actually building that house. For most home owners, the desire to have something other than a rectangle as their forever home comes into play early in the design process followed swiftly by the reality check of finances. There is no question that the more elaborate your design, the more expensive it will be to build; however, there are ways to find that sought after balance that will please both your senses and your finances.

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Inspiring Straw Bale Workshop Video and 2015 Schedule (coming soon)

This is a must watch video if you are interested in attending a straw bale workshop in 2015. In fact, even if you are not planning on attending, this inspiring straw bale workshop video is worth watching anyway. It showcases beautiful images of both straw bale homes under construction and finished products, as well as groups of friends coming together and growing lasting friendships. If you are a graduate, make sure to watch the video as there is a good chance that there are images from your workshop in it.

This video was created to help spread the word about the overall experience of our straw bale workshops. For those of you who have already attended, you know what I mean when I say it is hard to express what an experience it is, above and beyond the straw bale education part. I have been told again and again that it is an “experience of a lifetime,” “the best week of my life,” and “worth every penny just to meet the people and build life long friendships.” Make sure to leave your own comments on the YouTube page or in the comments fields below…we love hearing from old and new friends!

The release date for the 2015 workshop schedule is November 28th at 9am (Pacific time). Mark your calendar! Keep in mind that the Colorado workshop sold out last year in just a few days after its release, so it’s best to have a sense of what dates could work for you before the schedule is shared. That way, you can be sure to secure your spot once the schedule is announced. Also, in keeping with our yearly tradition, we will have a week long sale starting November 28th so if you want to secure your spot at a discount, this really will be the best time to sign up.

Happy Baling and I hope to see you at a workshop in 2015.

The Benefits of Using a Commercial Plaster Sprayer

Most of us don’t have a commercial plaster spraying machine lying around, so we can’t just run out to the garage and turn it on. That said, the benefits of using a commercial plaster sprayer are well worth investigating the availability of one in your area either to rent or to hire out (the entire job). If you have access to a commercial sprayer, it’s an incredible machine that will speed your process up dramatically. You have seen me post in the past about sprayers that we as consumers can use with great effectivity. I am still a big fan of these sprayers and highly recommend them; however, the commercial sprayer shown here, and others like it, is a big step up in power and production.

These machines have the mortar mixer built right in so you can literally mix the material and dump it straight into the pumper. The pump then drives the material down the hose and provides a constant stream of plaster. Because we have to mix the scratch and brown coats of natural hydraulic lime plaster for a minimum of 20 minutes, it’s best to have a secondary mixer on site as well so that you can work between the two to keep the flow going.

I have included some video footage of the sprayer in action on the Flathead Lake, Montana straw bale workshop from this past year. Rather than tell you about the benefits, I figured I would just show you. If you have ever plastered, you will see the advantage right away. If you have never plastered, let me tell you that the main advantage is the speed and ease of application. It still takes several people to do the work, but less than a hand applied crew.

The first video is of the scratch coat application on the interior of an exposed timber frame. The ability to quickly “cut in” around the timbers and ceiling line is immediately apparent.

The second video shows plastering on the tall gable ends. If nothing else, not having to transport the mud to the top of the scaffolding makes this machine well worth having on site. Keep in mind that even with the other sprayer I use, one would still have to transport the mud to the point of application.

The final video is of the finish coat application. Note that there are two trowel finishers in addition to the two men running the sprayer. It is also necessary to have someone making the mud. That means you are looking at at least 5 people for the crew. That’s better than the 15 people I used to have on my plaster crew that did everything by hand application.


Repairing Water Damaged Straw Bale Walls

Drying WallsRepairing water damage in straw bale walls is a skill that is not required very often, especially in well built homes; however, even with the best construction practices, water damage can happen. If it does, it’s important to know how to recognize it and how to fix it. Below is a series of steps to consider wen dealing with water damaged walls.

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Article In Green Builder Magazine Online

Green Builder MagHere’s a short article about straw bale construction in the most recent version of the on line Green Builder magazine. Short but sweet. The article starts on page 44 and can be viewed at this link.

For Sale 1.4 Acres With Active Building Permit for a Straw Bale House in Colorado

St. Vrain RiverFor those of you interested in purchasing land in Colorado and building a straw bale house, here’s an incredible property that has the ball already rolling towards your success. Check out the information below about this amazing piece of land. Here’s a quick summary: 1.4 acres; Active building permit & plans for 1200 square foot straw bale, passive solar house. The photo is at the St. Vrain trailhead, 1/4 mile from the land.

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