If you are like me, you want to keep a large assortment of screws around the house for all kinds of uses. Keeping them organized can become more of a challenge than not having screws though if you don’t have a solid plan and place to store them all. I tried the expensive “screw bags” for a while but didn’t like them. I find the easiest and least expensive/most enjoyable way to store a bunch of screws is in small glass (or plastic if you prefer) containers with screw on lids. Simply label the glass with what’s inside (tape works well for this and then screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf. Use two screws so the lid won’t turn when you twist the jar. The cool thing is that you can still use the shelf since the jars are suspended.  You can take the jars to the site of the work and return them to the shelf when you are done. It’s super easy and organized. It’s the most enjoyable way to store screws (and other items) because you get to eat the food that comes in the jars! The more screw sizes you have, the more you need to snack on that favorite food item. I hope your perfect jar size isn’t mayonnaise as that might be a bit sickening.

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Andrew Morison is a specialist in straw bale and green construction. He has shown thousands of people how to build their own straw bale projects through his comprehensive series of instructional straw bale, concrete foundation, and plastering DVDs, as well as his hands on workshops. You can check these out at www.StrawBale.com/store.

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