Free Arkin Tilt Architects Plans Now Available

As a follow up to last week’s announcement by Arkin Tilt Architects (ATA) that they intend to offer a selection of their plans for free to California wildfire victims, I am happy to announce that those plans are now available for viewing.

If you intend to apply for a free set, please contact ATA directly at or 510.528.9830. If you want to purchase a set of the plans for yourself and you are not a victim of the wildfires, please know that your purchase will help support ATA’s efforts to provide the plans for free to those in need.

You can view the plans by clicking on the images below.

Chalk Hill straw bale house

Chalk Hill – 872 SF © 2009 Eric Millette, All Rights Reserved 415-750-9999 USA


Santa Cruz straw bale house

Santa Cruz Straw Bale – 2500 SF


Natural Habitat straw bale house

Natural Habitat – 1860 SF


French Lane Straw Bale house

French Lane Straw Bale – 1494 SF


Hood Mountain straw bale house

Hood Mountain Home – 999 SF


Redwood Valley straw bale house

Redwood Valley Residence – 841 SF


Lost Hill Farm straw bale Cottage

Lost Hill Farm Cottage – 1474 SF


Vine Hill straw bale Cottage

Vine Hill Cottage – 660 SF


Wee But 'n' Ben straw bale cottage

Wee But ‘n’ Ben – 480 SF


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