Straw Bale Articles

Here are some articles on straw bale building, construction, and design that you will hopefully enjoy and find useful.

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Straw Bale Building and Construction Articles

  1. Why Build with Straw Bales?
  2. Load Bearing Straw Bale Construction
  3. How to lose money as an owner builder
  4. Calculating the Number of Straw Bales in Your Straw Bale House
  5. Straw Bale Construction and Water
  6. How to Build a Truth Window
  7. How to Build a Niche in a Straw Bale Wall
  8. The Small Stuff Within Straw Bale- How To Do Simple Straw Bale Tasks
  9. Retying Straw Bales
  10. Retrofitting a House With Straw Bales
  11. Andrew Morrison Answers Your Questions – Part 1
  12. Andrew Morrison Answers Your Questions – Part 2
  13. Straw Bale Building and the Foundation
  14. Financing and Straw Bale Construction
  15. Estimating 101
  16. Some Thoughts on Earth Day
  17. How To Choose a Contractor
  18. Choosing the Right Straw Bales for the Job
  19. Changing the Color of Your Straw Bale Home
  20. Straw Bale Construction and Building Officials

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